Deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online

Deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online

Hello all, here is an update for Exchange Online users! Microsoft has deprecated basic authentication to Exchange online users. This will be in effect from October 1, 2022. Basic auth simply means that the application will send a username and password on every request. This deprecation will prevent users from accessing their Exchange Mail, Calendar and Contacts from any mail clients or apps that are configured to use basic auth.


In case of Android devices, if you are still using basic auth in Gmail, Outlook and Samsung mail apps, you can change the authentication type to modern authentication in the App Configurations from App Repository, in the product console.


For iOS devices, you can modify your existing Exchange Active Sync profile, enable OAuth and then associate it with the devices. While updating, the account on the device will be reconfigured. If you are using add/modify accounts restrictions, your end users may face issues while entering the password during authentication. This happens in iOS/iPadOS devices less than version 16. To know more about this, refer to this page


For more details about Microsoft's deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online, check this document.

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