Deployment via EMM token stuck

Deployment via EMM token stuck


I'm trying to enroll Android tablets to ME MDM Cloud using EMM tokens. Since the devices are on Android 10, I can use the newer QR code, which of course is much more comfortable as the older QR code where I have to manually enter the Wifi details.

In some cases, this simply works as it should. But in some cases, it doesn't. I'll be dropped at the Android "desktop" without anything MDM-related happening. The ME MDM app is installed. If I start it, I'm asked to scan the QR code for enrollment. After doing this, the screen "After clicking 'Continue', you will be prompted to allwo ME MDM App to manage your device" appears. Here, I'm stuck. Clicking on "Continue" does nothing. If I enter "Device admin apps" in Android Settings, I can see that ME MDM is already added and activated.

What can I do to successfully finish the enrollment in those cases? Why is this happening at all?

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