Deployment of package through Self-service Portal

Deployment of package through Self-service Portal

All Customers of Endpoint central. 

Have you run into a situation like  "you have to create a package for the service portal but when the package is requested through the self-service portal ..after installation of the software it forces restarts the system. 

Note: Force restart is something we cannot control.  this happens in many cases when you upgrade some software they sometimes force you to restart. This is one such software. 

I don't want my end users to get mad about not having a notification before it forces restart abnormally and they lose all their work that is not saved. 

I tried the command line to prompt the end user with a message "but that didn't work ". The ManageEngine support team is looking into it. 

I am surprised that there is no feature available in the tool that can be used to send a notification for self-service portal packages. " of course Manageengine support team will submit a feature request to their engineering and there will not be an ETA " priority based on the no of customers needing it. 

I wonder how other customers are able to handle this. without such notification. probably handle through your own scripts? 

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