DC presents old DC-Softwarereleases for upgrade. Why?

DC presents old DC-Softwarereleases for upgrade. Why?

I asked this earlier, even addressed this years ago, but no answer.

In the present situation this question becomes interesting again. When i read the latest Topics in this Forum it seems to be obvious that there are some sort of problems with the new DC-Version, such
that the admins have no longer access to their DC-Server-Installations etc.

In those Threads there is talk about Version ...2119.10. Apparently it seems so, that Support offers a Link
to those Version since nearly one week. Change log mentions that this overcomes the installproblems.

As of today DC reminds me to upgrade to the "latest version" build ...2119.9 (See Screenshot below)!

This is not the first time, that DC offers a deprecated build and there is no other way than to search the community for a link to actual software or, if this isnt successful, to ask support for a link... and wait. (Very
amusing, if a patch adresses security issues). But all of this requires, that I already know, that there is a newer Version than the suggested one. So it seems that it cuts on Ice for somebody if lots of admins run into trouble when Installing a deprecated Softwarerelease.

But looking around it seems so that there are quite some people who even dont trust this new Ver ...10.
So the additional question arises, if the latest version is not officially announced because there are still problems with it.