DC MSP 10 - Trial to Free - AD question

DC MSP 10 - Trial to Free - AD question

I am designing a box for home first, but if its successful I will be pitching to 1 of my small business clients to test further.  This will include various management software's, router, IDS / IPS etc in a small form factor solution.

One of these tools I hope to implement is Desktop Central, with MDM and Browser Management, Application Control (free for now)
I have installed both DC (MSP 10) 10.0.681 -  and the  Application Control but haven't had a chance to dig in.I was forced to move to the Free Edition, but now I cannot figure out how to tie Active Directory to it.
These are both installed on the same Windows 10 Virtual machine

Under Domain:
I have my AD domain listed (need to figure out LDAP SSL for it after) , but it has -- for the Domain Controller. When I click the Modify I have
Domain Name:  <name of domain >
Network Type: AD
Domain User Name:  --
Password: ******
AD Domain Name: <domain.xyz>
Domain Controller Name: <name of the Domain Controller>

I know I set the username and password fine, but cannot update now.
At the top:  You have not installed a Distribution Server in your Remote Offices
Under Remote Offices.
domain name. xyz    <Customer>     <download agent> <managed 1> <replication Policy: initial>
The remainder of the DS stuff is --
I downloaded the agent on the Windows 10 VM, it asked me 1) WAN Agent to client computer  2) Install WAN agent in this computer  3) Exit -- I went with 2.

So I am confused at this point.  I simply wish to use AD to

Gather computers on the network

Use it as an authentication base for the URL site

Possible tie to the MDM and other features.

Do I have to move to paid version for this -- again, not a big deal for a customer later on, for my home and testing .. it is.

Any words of wis