DateTime Picker (Date only?)

DateTime Picker (Date only?)

Good Day,

I got a call from a user today, after we did an upgrade on the product from 6653 to7122 last week.

I am not sure how it was before, but as the user is now complaining about it, it seems there has changed something. I don't use the product regulary myself.
When using "DateTime" fields with the DatePicker, it seems that it is now also showing a time.
Before, multiple date fields were used, which apparently never shown any time (either in selection or in the edit dialog of the field).
Now after the update, the DateTime fileds are filled with the time too. As most of the fields are used just for the date (as birthday for example) the time would not be needed, and is also confusing in the overview.

Is there a possibility to change the fileds to date only, or maybe for your team to add an "Field Type" with just the date (and default time to 00:00:00 for example), so the time is not shown in the formular anymore?

Thank you for your help!