DAE Service does not start

DAE Service does not start


I am using 12120 version. After about 2 weeks I saw no any messages during the last day. Messages are delivered correctly due to I saw Log Analyzer. I saw error - "Cached record limit exceeded. Kindly do the needful". I did everything regarding -

So I added more memory into these 2 configuration files and stop service via /etc/init.d/eventloganalyzer stop. Now I cannot run the DAEService  like below running ./bin/run.sh

EAService                                         [ CREATED ]
DAEService                                        [ FAILED ]

EAService                                         [DESTROYED]
DataManagement                                    [DESTROYED]
ADSFService                                       [DESTROYED]
Log360AgentService                                [DESTROYED]
WebService                                        [DESTROYED]
TaskEngineService                                 [DESTROYED]
AuthorizationService                              [DESTROYED]
AuthenticationService                             [DESTROYED]
CacheService                                      [DESTROYED]

Problem while Starting Server
System halted

Into /opt/ManageEngine/EventLog/ES/config/elasticsearch.yml file I have proper data.path -
- /opt/ManageEngine/EventLog/ES/data
with permissions for everyone.
Where is the problem, may you help me ?

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