Custom Scripting Help

Custom Scripting Help

I am trying to create a custom script where if someone selects something in a specific field on our on-boarding form, a confirmation message appears asking them if their new hire needs to have permissions to that system. I have the message part down, but within this script, I would like it to remove the option they just selected. Right now, within the script, it is removing all options if someone select "No" on the confirmation. Is this possible. 

Here is a copy of the script:

  1. var StandardSoftware = await CS.getValue("udf_fields.udf_char177");
  2. if(StandardSoftware !=null){
  3. var confirm= await CS.confirm("This software should only be selected if advanced permissions are needed. Does your new hire need advanced permissions to the selected applications?");
  4. if(!confirm){
  5. CS.clearValue("udf_fields.udf_char177");
  6. CS.abort();
  7. }
  8. }
  9. CS.end();
Any assistance necessary would be greatly appreciated. 


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