Custom report with IP address

Custom report with IP address

Hello, I am trying to use the wizard to get an equipment report that also includes an IP and MAC address. I do not see this as an option in the report wizard. This is what I have so far from the wizard. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! 


SELECT chassisType.NAME AS "Chassis Type", product.COMPONENTNAME AS "Product", osInfo.OSNAME AS "OS", workstation.SERVICETAG AS "Service Tag", workstation.WORKSTATIONNAME AS "Machine Name", chassisType.NAME AS "Chassis Type" FROM SystemInfo workstation LEFT JOIN Resources resource ON workstation.WORKSTATIONID=resource.RESOURCEID LEFT JOIN ComponentDefinition product ON resource.COMPONENTID=product.COMPONENTID LEFT JOIN ChassisTypes chassisType ON resource.CHASSISTYPEID=chassisType.ID LEFT JOIN OsInfo osInfo ON workstation.WORKSTATIONID=osInfo.WORKSTATIONID WHERE  ( ( ( ( ( product.COMPONENTNAME NOT LIKE '%Unknown Server%' ) AND ( product.COMPONENTNAME NOT LIKE '%Unknown Workstation%' ) ) AND ( product.COMPONENTNAME NOT LIKE '%Virtual Machine%' ) ) AND ( product.COMPONENTNAME NOT LIKE '%VMware7,1%' ) ) AND ( product.COMPONENTNAME IS NOT NULL ) )  ORDER BY 1

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