Custom Report from specific groups

Custom Report from specific groups


We've recently installed AD Manager Plus and now I am trying to set up some reports.

Previously we've had a powershell script that runs on a certain times to monitor license assignments.
Now I want to do this with AD Manager Plus instead. I've tried the License Report for Microsoft 365 but hasn't been able to get the values that I needed (for example last logon), and also the filtering of the licenses aren't working as I want.

We use two different groups in Active Directory to assign 365-licenses (F3 or E5) to the user accounts and I want to filter by those groups.

The settings for the custom report that I've created can be seen in the attached file "Custom Reports settings - license".

So far so good. But the problem I have is that I want to filter the "Member of" column in the output to ONLY show the two different groups. I get all the groups that the user are assigned as shown in the attached file "Custom Reports settings - licenseOutput".

So, in the "Member of" I want to display ONLY the two affected groups, how can this be done?
Filtering the output doesn't make any difference.

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