Creation of an Administrator in Windows 10

Creation of an Administrator in Windows 10

Here at our IT shop we are doing plenty of rounds of Windows 10 deployment, so bear with me as I've been finding some issues with OS Deployer.

There is an option to create user accounts by
1. Right clicking on the Machine name.
2. Selecting "Individual Settings"
3. Selecting "User Accounts"
4. Adding a user name and selecting a group (Administrators, Power users, Users.)

Here's the problem:
I can create the user and assign it a password. Now, whenever I log into the freshly imaged computer (running Windows 10) and load "Users and Groups" it finds the user I created (and the password works); however, it does not assign it the group that I selected. In this case the local "Administrators." Every time I have to add it to the group manually on the Windows 10 PC. 

Thoughts? Help?

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