Creating a Master Image/OS Deployer 5-Input/Output Error

Creating a Master Image/OS Deployer 5-Input/Output Error

Hello All,

 I have an error popping up whenever I create a Master Image over my network. I can't find much on this on google, what I did find didn't resolve anything.

I pixie boot the computer, select the master image creator option, and go through the steps (what will be included in the image-system reserve etc, the networked computer the image will be saved to, etc). I then start the process, usually takes about 20-30 minutes, but at the end the error pops up (image attached). Now, we've never had this error before a month or two ago. The image I just created is saved in the correct place, and I can put this image on another computer with no problem. Far as I can tell, the image works. But this Input/output error has me worried, because I don't know if it's significant or not. Has anyone else had this error?

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