Create people manager teams in Microsoft Teams

Create people manager teams in Microsoft Teams

When you roll out Microsoft Teams in your organization, it is highly recommended that you launch it with a defined structure. Create a base framework with the required teams and channels in place. For example, create a team for each of the departments in your organization, with the managers as the team owners and their direct reports as the team members. This will prevent employees from creating excessive teams and will give them a clear understanding of the Teams structure in your organization.

Microsoft helps you achieve the above by using PowerShell scripts. Start by running the  Connect-AzureAd  and  Connect-MicrosoftTeams  PowerShell modules. Execute the Export managers and their directs script to export the list of managers and their direct reports from your organization's Active Directory in a tab-delimited file (ExportedManagerDirects.txt). Now, run the  Create new people manager teams script  which will read the ExportedManagerDirects.txt file and create a team for each of the managers, with their direct reports as team members.

Effortlessly create people manager teams with M365 Manager Plus

Bulk creation of teams

Eliminate the need for complicated, error-prone, and time-consuming PowerShell scripts by creating teams in bulk using M365 Manager Plus. Simply import a CSV file containing details such as DisplayName, Description, Visibility, Owner, and rules to help manage user permissions in Microsoft Teams. To create people manager teams, add the manager as the team owner in the CSV file. You can also add more team owners and members using the Add/Remove Team Owners and Modify Team Members tasks respectively.

Automate team creation

M365 Manager Plus helps automate bulk management tasks. Choose a task such as team creation and assign the frequency at which you would like to run this task. The  Export managers and their directs script  is a point-in-time PowerShell script that will not update teams automatically when users join or leave the organization. However, with M365 Manager Plus, one can add or remove the details from the CSV file, and the changes will be executed automatically, saving time while reducing admin workload.

To learn more about managing Microsoft Teams using M365 Manager Plus, click  here .

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