CPU Utilization - "No records to view" - WMI

CPU Utilization - "No records to view" - WMI

Hi there,

I have a few dozen servers which are using WMI for its monitors. I have half a dozen monitors set for each server, all working OK except for "CPU Utilization" which returns the "no records to view" message when doing a test monitor. Additionally, it doesn't seem to poll automatically as there are no values for "Last Polled at"/"Last Polled Value".

All servers are using a service account for their credentials. The service account has been given full permissions in the Root/CIMv2 namespace (also tried testing direct at root level).

Performance Log Users and Distributed COM Users user groups are part of the COM Security with full access in dcomcnfg. The service account is part of these user groups.

Issue appears to be with the account or permissions related as changing the credentials to a domain admin enables the monitor to poll successfully.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.