Contract Billing Issue

Contract Billing Issue

I have a contract billing configure with an allowance of 60 hour. It configure with the option "Deduct only Operational Hours from allowance", it mean I only want to deduct the hour of service given from 8am to 6pm (this is configure well in MSP Operational Hour). Service given out of this hour or weekend should no affect the 60 hour. 

The issue is that the service given out of operational hour is affecting the 60 hour even though it is showing like Chargable in the Billing Report.

In Image 1 I show the contract billing configuration and in the Image 2 you will see the billing report. It say: Consumed 10 hour, but really it was just 5 Operational hour services and 5 hour no operational hour service. How can I get it to show it separatly, Consumed just showing operational hour and Chargable showing like it doing right now, no operational hour service that not affect the 60 hour.

Image 1

Image 2