Configuring HA with MSSQL

Configuring HA with MSSQL


I am trying to configure HA in my new PMP environment. PMP works find as a standalone. Below is what I am done and where I am stuck.

- Install PMP in secondary mode on a second server
- Generate and install SSL certificate on secondary server
- Configure SSL for SQL on secondary server
- Stop PMP service on primary server (service was not started on secondary)
- Import the secondary server SSL certificate into the primary server
- Test connectivity between both servers
-Run the configurereplication.bat script and enter the required details -- This is where I am experiencing an issue with the DB connect. Below is the error message in the logs. 

[18:23:23:940]|[11-30-2022]|[SEVERE]|[14]|[com.adventnet.passtrix.sqlserver.replication.SQLServerReplication]|[connectMasterDBServer]: String index out of range: -1|

The user has both dbowner and dbcreator rights to the DB on the primary server and dbcreator on the secondary. 

I am using the below link to assist with the configuration. 

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