Configuring devices on Mibbrowser

Configuring devices on Mibbrowser

Hi All,

I am cheking the Mibbrowser and its a very intresting tool. I am hoping to use to monitor some power devices on a network. I have the MIBs from the three equipment types and i am able to load them on the MIBbrowser.

The problem is I dont see where to add the Ip addresses of the power devices (there could be about 20 of these). I am hoping when i configure this i should start to receive traps from the power devices and at my computer i will be seeing what is happening at what location (i.e i expect to see power faulure, DC overvolt e.t.c). I should then be able to log this and at the end of the week I can go to the traplogs and select all the traps for a particular device for the week.

Is this how the MIB Browser works or I am missing something

Please assist


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