Configlet didn't start automatically

Configlet didn't start automatically

Good day, experts,

Could you please advise if I do something wrong or missing something?

Scenario: I have access-list that must be same on all switches
Configlet should start and fix access-list if any issues with config

What done:
CLI configlet (script execution mode) created. It looks like this:

conf t

no access-list 96

access-list 96 remark Read-Only Permitted Hosts

access-list 96 permit (there is some lines with required subnets)

access-list 96 deny any log



Configlet associated with custom Rule as Remediation configlet
This Rule associated with Rule Group, Rule Group associated with Policies.
Change detection backup enabled

Results: Policies found compliance issue in access list, after changes
But configlet didn't execute automatically

Conifglet works correct if I start it manually

What do I need to do to make configlet run automatically as Remediation configlet?

Thank you

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