Common questions about ManageEngine software.

Common questions about ManageEngine software.


I'm a newbie here and come across with ManageEngine software for the first time. Can you please help me, and answer for the following questions. My company is under 5000 employes, we are looking for software which can help us with:

1) Flexible work with NetFlow on Cisco and Checkpoint devices (including reporting and alerting for the specific traffic details like quantity of sessions) with FPM ~ 360.000. Baselining and other.
2) Work with Syslog for about 350 devices.
3) Make a Configuration Management for those 350 devices (saving cfgs, upload cfgs, Alerting by cfg changes, compare it).
4) Work with SNMP-traps and Alerts.

My questions:
1) Can we use only one product for all this or we need several different?
2) Can we combine different products withine one common console (for example we use one web-interface for NetFlow Analyzer + OpManager)?
3) Which Products we need for our needs?

Thank you!