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We're thrilled to announce the implementation of the Zia Anomaly Report in ManageEngine CloudSpend. The Zia Anomaly Report helps you fine-tune your cloud bills and safeguard your cloud infrastructure from any unforeseen issues. 

CloudSpend uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies as soon as they occur. It collects and analyzes the cloud cost of the past 180 days to predict any unusual spikes in your cloud costs.

You can leverage the following benefits with the Zia Anomaly Report:
  • Obtain a granular view of the anomalies in cost detected for your cloud accounts.
  • Identify unusual spikes in your cloud costs and take proactive decisions to avoid cost overruns.
  • Get critical insights about the cost anomaly with a detailed root cause analysis.

Try our new Zia Anomaly Report and please leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Thank you!

The CloudSpend team

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