Closing comment - where are they?

Closing comment - where are they?

Hey there, i have been using service desk for the last year. I have been dutifully adding closing comments to all my work orders, infact, the system will not let you put a ticket to "close" status if you have not put a comment in.

A new tech to the company asked me what the resolution was on one of my tickets. I told him to check the closing comment. He asked me where, and i am stummped. I thought it would go to conversation history, or history or SOMEWHERE... but after 10 minutes looking i cannot find where these comments go.

Ideally they would be added to the conversation timeline similar to how notes are added. But if they are somewhere else and i can read them, that is all i am asking for. Another place where it looks like they should be, Details -> closure comments, just has a dash in it, however i for sure typed stuff in to that field when closing the ticket.

This is pretty depressing, as i put lots of good information in these closing comments that i assumed other users could easily read. I guess i never really tested it and am just now figuring out that closing comments dont get saved anywhere?!? hopefully i just dont know what i am doing and someone can provide the info on where they are stored when closing a ticket.

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