Clickatell text messages not going through consistently

Clickatell text messages not going through consistently

Ever since we have implemented ADSelfService Plus with Clickatell text messages, the text messages from that service has been extremely poor. Sometimes but infrequently it works just fine but most of the time the text messages won't come or arrive so late that our screen times out before you can enter in the code. I have been round and round with support and Clickatell supposedly fixes something and things are better for a little while but shortly after things don't work again.

This is very frustrating and this software implementation is a total disaster. No one wants to use it since the text messages don't work and they can't reset there password. (I can't blame the users. I wouldn't want to use it either if it almost never works)

Does anyone have any tips/tricks to make this work better? Does anyone use a different service for text messaging reset codes that is bullet proof?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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