chrome.exe disappearing from workstations

chrome.exe disappearing from workstations

We are having a problem in my organization with Chrome disappearing from people's workstations.  Just chrome.exe is disappearing.  The directory and other files and Registry keys are still present.

This has been dumped in my lap even though I don't manage end user workstations. End user support is blaming Group Policy for this, which I manage.  We have a Chrome GPO, but it just sets the home page and disables Password Manager and Incognito Mode and several other settings that I'm sure many of you have in your environment.  The policy applies to every end user workstation, so I find it highly unlikely that Group Policy is causing chrome.exe to disappear from a handful of workstations.  The workstations are in different OUs, so I doubt that a different GPO is causing the problem.  I've looked through the Windows event logs on the workstations and haven't been able to find anything.

I suggested that it could be our endpoint security product (Trellix), but I don't have access to the Tellix console or logs to investigate that possibility.  The ticket got assigned to our IT Security department to investigate and then assigned back without any comment.

We use Endpoint Central for deployments, but I don't manage it and have no familiarity with it.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this, I would appreciate it.

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