Change workorderID/ request ID in Servicdesk 12.0 Build 12004

Change workorderID/ request ID in Servicdesk 12.0 Build 12004

Hi guys,

Every year I change workorderID/request ID to reflect new year in request ID using dumb record in custom format like 2020000020000001, next year 2021000020000001 etc.

For example my last 2021 record id is
and I want to start new order from

It worked in SDP v10 and v11 by running sql command in DB

update seqgenstate set currentbatchend='2022000020000001' where seqname='WorkOrder.WORKORDERID';

and restarting SDP

in SDP version 12 these steps are not working as expected:
New requests are created with new IDs reflecting year 2022 (iefrom #2022000020000002) but then all of them unmanageable, can't be assigned to technicians, deleted via web interface or changed by request type.
It shows internal error on any action with request.
Deleting request via WebUI shows "successful" but nothing has changed, request is not going to trash.

Only one way to make it temporary work is to add dumb record to continue previous order (ie 2021000020004569) and delete wrong 2022* requests manually in DB. 

Does anyone experience same issue?
How to correctly change workorderID to start ne order in SDP 12?

Any help will be highly appreciated.