Change request status after approval

Change request status after approval

Hi, Team,
With older versions of SDP I´ve been using Request Custom Triggers to automatically change the request status after approval, with the event "When a request is approved". On the new versions of SDP, this event was removed and I'm using an Approval Level custom trigger and a deluge custom function (approval level), which can use approvalLevelObj parameter to get the request ID and with it, use the invokeUrl function to change the request status to the one I want.
The problem is that the system changes the request status to "Open" as soon as the approval is done. So, if I don't have the transition in RLC, there will be an error. If I set the transition from the "Pending Approval" status to "Open", the system will change the status and ignore the change I've made on the deluge script. Is this an error or is working as designed? 

In the use case, I also needed to set the Editor after the approval. I tried to do it with a Custom Trigger (also an approval level function), with a RLC trigger (on the "Pending Approval to "Open" transition) but neither of them works. 

Setting the Editor will change the request status to "On Hold" and I think that this is the problem: the system is changing to Open status and the custom function can't change the status at the same time.
After the approval, the system sets the request status and I can't trigger any function after that: there is no edition nor creation to launch a function that changes the request status. 

What I'm looking for in this case is how can I set an Editor as soon as the request is approved, and the request status change from "Pending Approval" to "On Hold" as soon as the Editor is set.

This is happening with SDP Enterprise v.14.505, running on MSSQL.

Can you help me with this?

I'm an Ireo/Also partner, from Rumos Consulting.

Pedro Sousa Dias

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