Change 'Created By' Field Based on Template

Change 'Created By' Field Based on Template

Is there a way through business rules or with a script that we can change the 'Created By' field based on the template? I see that through Business Rules I can set 'Template' as a criteria and select 'Field Update' as the action, but the 'Created By' field isn't available in the dropdown. 

Our issue is that a technician account was used to setup our integration between SDP and Endpoint Central, and now when a request is submitted through the Endpoint Central agent it displays that technicians name in the 'Created By' field. I'm told by support that this is the expected behavior because that technicians API key was used to link the two. The problem is that since the system thinks the technician created the ticket, they are being excluded from the automated e-mail updates for those tickets. We don't have any spare technician licenses to use another account for setup, and purchasing an additional license just for that is just not logical.

I have the requests from the desktop agent going to a specific template, so if I can use that to then change the 'Created By' field to something generic like 'System', then I believe that will solve our issue. 


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