CentOS 6 End of Life - All you need to know

CentOS 6 End of Life - All you need to know

Hello everyone,

CentOS 6 reached its End of Life (EoL) in November 30, 2020. This means that the Linux community has stopped supporting this version and security patches, vulnerability fixes, and bug fixes have not been released for this version since Nov 30, 2020. Continuing to use CentOS 6, therefore, poses significant security risks. There are 2 options that users can go for:

  1. Migrate to CentOS 7 or higher versions:  Download CentOS 7 or higher supported versions in a fresh system and migrate data to this system.
  2. Upgrade to CentOS 7 or higher versions: Upgrade to CentOS 7 from the existing release version. This is usually not recommended for production servers, fearing data loss in transition. However, having a reliable backup before upgradation might solve this issue.

End of support and Vulnerability Manager Plus

Patch scan failure: Vulnerability Manager Plus users might get an error message saying "Patch scan has failed" for CentOS 6 machines. This is because ManageEngine has stopped the support for CentOS 6 patches post its EoL.

We suggest users to upgrade to CentOS 7 or higher supported versions as soon as possible.



The ManageEngine team