Can't GET "View all requests" on POSTMAN

Can't GET "View all requests" on POSTMAN

I'm struggling to obtain the View All Requests on the API Doc through POSTMAN, however, it works fine on the document itself when I test it.

As you can see here, this syntax works fine, and the actual data comes up correctly. 

However, my POSTMAN implementation doesn't work. Now the API key is working correctly and it works with every other API call. If I call a specific request by ID through POSTMAN it works fine, however, if I try to get all requests and use Input data, it doesn't work, as you'll see on this example below. 

When tested through POSTMAN, you'll see below on the above image that it says "400 Bad Request, The request  cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax.", so obviously I think that's the problem. It's nothing to do with the API key, that works fine. I'm just not sure what I've done wrong here and why I'm not obtaining the data through POSTMAN like I did on the API document

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