Cannot obtain the SQL Logs

Cannot obtain the SQL Logs

I am encountering some issue while adding SQL Server or MySQL Server into Manage Engine Log Analyser and i may need your assistance on this.

Before we dive into the issue, let me Explain the deployment structure so it will be more relevant to the issue we are facing now.

Current Setup:

The Manage Engine Log Analyzer server deployed in "Provider Network" and at time being we are collecting the logs of Windows and Linux Endpoint resides at "Client Network" through agent communication.

However the new list given by Client to monitor mysql servers and sql servers were not in the existing list of configured devices in Manage Engine Log Analyser nor any agents been installed on these endpoints.

Please be informed that Manage Engine Log Analyzer server sitting on external network whereby the endpoints/devices resides on Client on-premise network.


When we follow the steps mentioned on, we encountered an error saying  "The RPC Server is available" as attached and it says "Invalid Credentials" when we attempt to verify credentials of Windows Server Configuration or SQL Server Instance Configuration.



As checked in client on-premise network all ports were enabled for the servers to communicate with provider domain,

However, We suspect the servers could not be added because there was no agents installed on these server for it to communicate from Client on-premise network to provider cloud network.

We have installed the agents on the respective servers and it was able to pull the windows logs however when attempt to configure database monitoring it still says that "The RPC Server is available ". As per checked in services we noticed the Remote Procedure Call service is running in both enpoint and server,

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