Cannot Instal 3rd Party Certificate from Internal Microsoft Certificate Authority

Cannot Instal 3rd Party Certificate from Internal Microsoft Certificate Authority

We have DesktopCentral installed on a private network and our domain has a certificate authority. I wanted to issue a certificate to desktop central to prevent certificate errors when accessing the site.

to generate the certificate request.

Then I brought the csr file to my server and generated a signed certificate.

When I uploaded the certificate to Desktop Central, along with the private key and choose "Automatic" for the intermeediate certificate, I get an error saying I need to download the intermediate certificate and upload it manually .

Error reads "Download the intermediate certificate from the LDAP URL and upload them manually"
Then it lists an ldap location that after reading it seems to indicate it's looking for the certificate for my Certificate authority.

So I was able to export the Intermediate Certificate and then I uploaded it manually, only to be met with this error:
"The SSL/TLS certificate you have uploaded has exceeded the validity period of 397 days. If your SSL/TLS certificate is issued after September 1, 2020, its validity period can not exceed 397 days."

So now I'm stuck. The CA authorities certificate is 5 years because this isn't a public 3rd party certificate issuer and therefore doesn't have to abide by the one year rule. It's a private CA on a private network issuing certificates within it's own domain, of which my MEDC server is a part of it. Private CAs are not affected by this limit

I'm not sure why it's even trying to enforce it considering I'm sure the vast majority of Desktop Central instalations are on private networks.

How do I get around this?