cached credentials for remote user's PC

cached credentials for remote user's PC

Hello All,

With the pandemic that enforce organizations to let their employees work from home, digitization played the most important role to facilitate organizations to achieve their goals.

As a result, we have all touch the challenges and benefits from digitization, specialty if the orgnization is not ready to adopt remote working or telecommuters.

Thus, when it comes to access management, through reset password or unlock accounts the ADSelf service was very beneficial to reduce the cost and operation on IT service desk. especially with the new look and feel which impacted the user experience in a good way.

However, the solution lacks the ease of updating the cached credentials with the new password, unless you have a VPN solution with the built-in VPN providers such as Cisco anyconnect or Fortinet which affected the user experience.

So I am wondering if there is an alternative solution to replace the integration with third party. I've seen examples for other products support that. using their own solution with best the best security industry standards. the solution even supported offline password reset through MFA.

Thank you all for your great efforts, and I appreciate you opened the opportunity for your customers to be part of the product enhancement, to satisfy their requirements.

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