Business rule - Moving Ticket between ESM instances

Business rule - Moving Ticket between ESM instances


The scenario I have is that we have a Finance instance that is split into 6 different financial Support Groups. 
If a technician from the IT instance Moves a ticket from IT to Finance it literally drops the ticket into no mans land, no group, category etc.  Where as in the IT Instance we would have the Helpdesk team monitor for these coming over, in Finance it could be any of the 6 different groups that ticket needs to go with, with no real owner of no mans land.

How have others dealt with this?  If you've used Business Rules what criteria do you use, can't see anything that specifically identifies a ticket as a moved ticket.

All suggestions appreciated.

Many thanks,

Version: 12.0 Build 12000 (fingers crossed upgrading to 13005 tonight)

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