Bundled postgres role not created by installer

Bundled postgres role not created by installer

I  have downloaded the latest 64bit Linux installer and attempted to do an Enterprise install. The installer completes with a single error:

Pgsql Err Msg

Problem in Initializing Postgres !!.. Kindly check logs...

I eventually found the logfile and the error reported is:

[2019-08-16 00:40:17.216 GMT]|[19383]|FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "sdpadmin"
[2019-08-16 00:40:17.216 GMT]|[19383]|DETAIL:  Role "sdpadmin" does not exist.
        Connection matched pg_hba.conf line 82: "host    all             all               md5"

It appears that the bundled database does not have to the role pre-configured, or that a setup script is not creating it. The installer log is full of Status: SUCCESSFUL with no errors listed.

Is there a script which I can run manually to set up the database, or is this indicative of a deeper problem?

Thanks, glen.

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