Bugs & Quality Assurance

Bugs & Quality Assurance

Hello. We enjoy our ManageEngine products, all seven of them! This message is not meant to focus on any negativity but instead to hopefully accomplish one of two things, if not both:
  1. Allow ManageEngine to be aware of a potential issue and hopefully resolve it.
  2. Provide public feedback where these issues might already be getting addressed and provide those specific current and future details, processes, and improvements.
QUESTION: We have noticed a decent amount of bugs throughout the 7 ManageEngine products we own. When we patch them, we typically get new (unexpected bugs). What is ManageEngine currently doing to address these bugs and prevent them from reaching the customer in the future?

RECENT EXAMPLES (only a handful, didn't document enough to provide an adequate list quickly) :
  1. Password Manager Pro: Took two attempts to perform a recent update. This was to address an issue we were having. The update prevented us from being able to modify existing passwords.
  2. OpManager EE 11.6: Applied patch to resolve some known issues. The patch broke replication of a lot of template between probes, so we manually have to keep some things up to date.
Thank you

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