Best Rackspace Email Backup Tool for Windows

Best Rackspace Email Backup Tool for Windows

Rackspace is a web hosting company that offers many hosting packages as well as dedicated and VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages. It's a reliable hosting service with a history of excellence and uptime that caters to the needs of individuals and business owners within budget. Rackspace also offers a webmail service for hosting costumes. With this service, you can easily create multiple collaborative email accounts. However, we do not provide a service to back up Rackspace email on your computer. A few days ago a Californian user wanted to know how to download Rackspace emails in PST format. You want to create a Rackspace email backup of your computer. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to archive Rackspace emails.

Rackspace Email Backup tool for Windows - Free Download

This is an advanced application for backing up Rackspace email in 30+ file formats. You can also forward Rackspace emails directly to another webmail account. Download the free Rackspace email backup software for Windows.

How to Backup Rackspace Email on Computer?
Follow these steps to back up Rackspace emails to your hard drive. - -

Run the RackspaceWebmail backup tool on Windows.
Select Rackspace and fill in all the details of Rackspace.
Select the desired email folder and storage options.
Select the Destination Location and Advanced Filter options.
Click the backup button to start the Rackspace email backup process.
A complete step-by-step process for archiving Rackspace emails

In order to download Rackspace emails to your computer in the required file format, you need to follow the steps below:

Download, install or run the Rackspace WebmailBackup Wizard on your Windows system.

Then select the Rackspace option in the Email Sources section on the left. Then enter your Rackspace email account credentials into the user interface.

The software then loads all e-mail folders into the interface. Select the desired e-mail folder and the desired storage option from the list.

Then, if you want to save the converted data in a different location, look at the path to the destination. It also offers a number of filters that allow users to export only selected emails from their Rackspace account.

Then click the backup button to start the Rackspace email backup process.

Backup options available to download Rackspace email
This reliable Rackspace webmail backup solution enables users to archive multiple emails at the same time. You can download HostMonter emails in several file formats including: - -

Why do I need to backup Rackspace emails locally?
There are many reasons why users need to back up Host Monster emails in computer format. Some common reasons are given in the following sections. - -

Data is more secure with users backing up Rackspace email locally.
You can access your data even when you are not connected to the internet.
You can easily share and print your email by saving the Rackspace email as a PDF.
A local backup of Rackspace Email enables you to access your data through multiple applications.
If you have accidentally deleted your data, you can easily restore it with a backup.
Unfortunately, if your Rackspace account gets locked for any reason, it will help to keep your data safe.

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