Bad Patch detection "Update for .NET Desktop Runtime (x64) (6.0.9)"

Bad Patch detection "Update for .NET Desktop Runtime (x64) (6.0.9)"

Hello, the patch detection for Patch ID 109417 Update for .NET Desktop Runtime (x64) (6.0.9) is incorrect.  I have verified that all of our endpoints have the most recent update installed.  I have also rebooted the affected endpoints and attempted to reinstall the agent.

Also, on a computer that has never had any version of .NET Desktop Runtime installed on it, If I go directly to Microsofts ( website and install .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.9 (x64) then run a patch scan on the endpoint, the machine then shows up as requiring the patch.

Please pass this to your patch management QA team for review as this is a problem with the Database that we are receiving from ManageEngine and not a problem with an individual endpoint.

Again, Patch ID is Patch ID 109417 "Update for .NET Desktop Runtime (x64) (6.0.9)"

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