Automatic status change

Automatic status change

Whilst the new version of the product allows for a scheduled status change when setting a status, I was would like to suggest an elaboration on this:

A setting which allows me to select one or more status's to be changed from the current status to Open (or a selectable status) after a certain time has passed and then also notifies the technician.


We have a status called Awaiting Response which we set the request to once we have requested more information from the requester. I want Awaiting Response to automatically change back to Open after 2 working days  and email the Technician which will prompt them to follow up the request again or action this in a different way.

The time-frame should be configurable and fit in with the working hours i.e. not change outside of these hours as to avoid false SLA breaches.

We currently use MESD Plus MSP v8.2 Build 8211

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