Automatic Patching doesn't always deploy patches

Automatic Patching doesn't always deploy patches


I've asked support for assistance with this issue but not really gotten anywhere, so I'm hoping someone here has had similar issues. I've set up a load of Automated Patch Deployments to deploy OS patches to between 5-12 Windows Servers per night. There is a different Deployment per day, with a Deployment Policy set up for each day, with a patch window of 00:30-06:00, so a 5 1/2 hour window to get patching done. These deployments are targeted at Custom Groups, so I can easily drop servers into particular groups so I can get them patched on a particular day.

What I'm finding happens a lot is that only 2-3 of the servers in the group will get patched, the rest just sit there doing nothing. It looks like Desktop Central doesn't even attempt to install the patches. I'm getting nowhere in trying to figure it out, and support just continually asks me for log files and then never giving me any advice.

Has anyone else had similar issues and resolved them? I can't believe the product isn't capable of patching 15 or so servers in a 5 hour window, especially when it's only a few patches per server.