Assign team owners and members in Microsoft Teams

Assign team owners and members in Microsoft Teams

Assign roles in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports two roles: owner and member. The user who creates a team automatically becomes the team owner. The owner can then add members to the team and also promote any of its members to the owner role. Team members can add other users by themselves in a public team or raise a request for users to be added in the case of a private team. Owners and members can also have  moderator capabilities  if moderation is turned on for Teams.

To assign an owner using the Microsoft Teams admin center:

The following table will show the difference between an owner and a member.

Create team

Leave team

Edit team name/description

Delete team

Add standard channel

Edit standard channel name/description

Delete standard channel

✓  *
Add private channel

Edit private channel name/description

Delete private channel

Add members

Request to add members

Add apps


* The owners can assign or revoke the permission to perform these tasks.

Manage teams and assign roles using M365 Manager Plus

M365 Manager Plus is a holistic Microsoft 365 administration solution. It can help you set up teams and channels in bulk, by simply importing a CSV file with details such as display name, privacy, owner, etc. The roles can be further modified using the Add / Remove Microsoft 365 Group Owners option. You can also set up automated workflows, and delegate custom help desk roles to non-admins to share your workload.

Modify roles in bulk using M365 Manager Plus:

To learn more about managing Microsoft Teams using M365 Manager Plus, click  here .

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