Asset Scanning -Prevent move to 'In Store' when user deleted.

Asset Scanning -Prevent move to 'In Store' when user deleted.


We are having a problem with asset scanning moving assets to In Store when the assigned user is deleted. I'm unsure if this is a recent change (within the last year) as we never used to have this issue.

It is affecting our audits, assets should only be In Store when they are physically at our head office. We currently have 150+ Sites and we have it set up so each of these sites also has a matching Department. 

What we require is when a user is deleted instead of clearing the user and department assignment it falls back to having the asset assigned to the department instead of moving to in store. After all It is already possible to assign an asset to just a department and not a particular user.

Equipment remains at the site for reassignment and is purchased using their cost centre so we need to have it still be assigned to them as a site/department.


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