Approval outcome notification

Approval outcome notification

I would like to request custom notification feature for change/release WF approvals.

Use case:
We use multiple approvals in our WFs.
Each approval is going to specific CAB group based on various criteria specified in the WF to prevent technicians from creating change/release with incorrect approvers. (audit trouble)
That means the CAB groups are not otherwise specified in the change/release itself.

All approvals can be done by single (main) member of the CAB group (first response action), rest of the group members are usually backups.
Currently when there are multiple CAB members approval gets send to all of them (correct), but they are not informed when one of them already took action (approved or declined).

This is bit confusing for our approvers and we would like to be able to send followup notification to the approval request when action has been taken.
It will be grouped in conversation in their Outlook, so they will see right away if approval is waiting for their action or not.

Only way to do it now are custom notifications for each action like so:

The problem is, we have about 25 approvals in single WF. That means I would have to create 50 custom notifications and manage to squeeze them into the WF somehow in a way the WF diagram is still readable.

If you could add a notification to the "status" of the approval in same way it is done in stages (envelope next to the status name) it would save much space and allow us to keep things related to the one single approval grouped together and the WF diagram easily readable.

PS: We cannot use the CAB role due to the numerous CABs selected based on various criteria. So the global notifications for changes cannot help us here.

Thanks for consideration.

Best regards,