[Applications Manager][Latest release] v 12100 is now available!

[Applications Manager][Latest release] v 12100 is now available!

ManageEngine Applications Manager's latest release, version  12100  is now available for download. Though a minor version upgrade, this release adds three new features through monitoring capabilities, along with a few enhancements to existing features:

  • Resin app server monitoring Provides a better insight into Ceph storage environment, by measuring metrics like overall health and availability, OSD Status, Placement Group Status and storage capacity. Read more>

  • Ceph storage monitoring:  Tracks Resin app server's performance by measuring parameters like thread pool utilization, JDBC connection pools, session details and more.  Read more>

  • WildFly monitoring:  Provides support for JBoss 8x, by monitoring JVM components, JDBC connection pool size, Web app performance, JMS metrics and more.  Read more>

  • URL monitoring enhancements Provides more details on the response time of an application by splitting it into these four metrics : DNS Time , Connection Time, First Byte Time and Last Byte Time.  Read more>

    To learn more about how you can upgrade your existing Applications Manager build to version 12100,  click here.

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