APM Insight comes up with a new addition to its catalog - Python Agent!

APM Insight comes up with a new addition to its catalog - Python Agent!

We have recently added support for monitoring the performance of Python applications in Applications Manager. You can leverage this feature with all the versions from the latest version, i.e. version 16.6.

Here is a peek into what you can do with the new Python agent:

  • Get detailed insights on your Python based applications at code-level. Dive deep into your applications that are powered by Python and monitor the architecture with ease.

  • Monitor database operations, transactions, data requests and application performance in real time. Observe all your siloed applications that are powered by python from a single screen.

  • Pinpoint slow running elements, erroneous codes and exceptions in a click. Leverage the code level insights to dig down to the root cause.

  • Trace each transaction from end to end with distributed tracing techniques and stay cautioned on potential slowdowns. Utilize thread profiling to analyze the behavior of threads and performance of multi threaded operations. Optimize thread performance and detect bottlenecks and deadlocks swiftly.

  • Leverage smart alerts to stay updated on unusual activity and escalate issues without any manual delay. Automate responsive actions to reduce MTTR and deliver seamless digital experience to end users.

  • Forecast performance trends and make well-informed decisions while planning capacity and resources.

    Find the list of components and frameworks supported by the APM Insight Python agent here.

    If you already use Applications Manager, you can upgrade to our latest version to start monitoring the performance of your Python applications. If you are new to Applications Manager, you can get started with a free 30-day trial today! 

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