API Requests for View All Statuses and Get Transitions Return Incomplete Results

API Requests for View All Statuses and Get Transitions Return Incomplete Results


Current Build: 11311
Browsers: Edge and Chrome tested

Transition Buttons Missing In Multiple RLCs involving Multiple Different Statuses

Our technicians are reporting issues with Request Life Cycles, where buttons that used to appear in RLCs now no longer appear.

I have investigated our RLC configuration and found that there are no pre-requisites on the transition in either the RLC or the template or form and field rules, so it should appear for any technician.

I noticed that the get_transitions request called by $req.rpanel.rlcTransitions() returns a response that contains all but one transition that should be active on the current status. 

I've been able to see this problem on other RLCs, where other transition buttons have disappeared (different Source node and transition destination in each case). In both cases, the request is missing one transition that should exist on a given status in the given RLC

Editing RLCs in Admin Panel

On a different note that's possibly related, I noticed that there is an issue when editing RLCs in the admin panel. Our RLC editor will not populate any newly made statuses in the selection menu. I investigated in the inspector and found that statuses? request returns a list of all statuses that is limited to 100 rows. We have 106 statuses, so some are missing, and we can't add them to RLCs.

I can replicate this issue in your API documentation page. Even when i set the row count high, the results are limited to 100.

I have to increase the start index in order to find the 'confirmation requested' status.