API Methods for DynamicResourceGroups and Resources

API Methods for DynamicResourceGroups and Resources

The method to create a  Dynamic ResourceGroup (DRG) works well but it's useless if we can´t share it with a user's group and create it behind a Resource Tree (For example "/Client/prod/<NewResourceGrpName>"). This Group will only be available for web users until transferring the ownership to other admin users.

"Create Resources" API Method is working well too but it can´t be shared with user groups, only to individual users. When the resource is shared with other users (full-access), the resource is not visible for the DRG using the "RESOURCECUSTOMFIELD" search until the ownership is transferred to the aforementioned user.

There is a way to achieve those topics?

All this is kind of frustrating for our company since we are trying to automate some manual tasks avoiding manual (and repeated) operations.

PMP is awesome but the API is still very restrictive and could be the cause of my company change his password tool provider.