API get Task list from a specified condition/field

API get Task list from a specified condition/field

Hello support team,

I get confused and cannot perform the search for all tasks owned by a specified owner.

As the document here listed:

list_info : { row_count : number of rows to be returned(maximum row_count = 100) start_index : starting row index sort_field : "fieldName" sort_order : “asc/desc”, search_fields : { "field1" : "value", "field2" : value }, get_total_count : boolean (by default it will be false) has_more_rows : boolean (will be returned with the response) total_count : count (will be returned with the response only) search_criteria : Refer search criteria object given in the attributes of List Info(For performing advanced search) }

Then is it possible for me to send the GET request to get the tasks list?
By request body:
"list_info": {
"row_count": 100,
"search_fields": { "owner.email_id" : "sampleemail@domain.com" }
"fields_required": [
If it's not, then what should I do to retrieve the data as the requirement? And where can I find the manual documents for the dedicated detail API usage?

Thank you in advance!