Android - Device-specific Web-apps in Kiosk mode

Android - Device-specific Web-apps in Kiosk mode

Quick breakdown:

Currently have a a number of tablets in Kiosk mode - two groups (A and B) with three total profiles, one applied to all devices for restrictions and two more for Kiosk mode with different groups of webapps for shortcuts on group A and B.

I would like to add a webapp to the devices in group A, but it needs to be a different link on each device (so a different webapp per device). I was hoping an additional Kiosk profile with just that webapp would add on to the first Kiosk profile, but unfortunately it overwrites it.

Obviously I can simply change Group A's Kiosk profile to be per-device (so A1, A2, A3 etc) but if I needed to add another app/webapp to them all I'd then need to update all the profiles individually. I'd rather find a way to avoid that if possible.

Am I missing something obvious to add a per-device specific app/webapp in Kiosk mode without a ton of clutter?

(We basically have customer-facing tablets in kiosk mode with shortcuts to our website, etc. and a store-specific survey link - as the survey needs to be specific to the store, and needs to avoid customers selecting the wrong store from a drop-down for example, they settled on separate survey links for each store).

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