Android Device Owner without NFC or Camera

Android Device Owner without NFC or Camera

I'm having problems adding a Zebra device that is without NFC or Camera to MDM as Device Owner profile.
The device have android 7.0 and the only mode to add it that I have found is to download the APK from internal server, install it and joining with the "by myself" option with the OTP.
Unfortunately, in this mode, if chooice either Personal or Corporate doens't matter in the final device enrollment type, becasue it's always Profile Owner.

I need Device Owner because I need to silent install Enterprise APK and Kiosk the devices.

I have also configured AfW, but my apps aren't on Playstore and for now I can't upload APK because it's old APKs and will work with the updated Google Security Policy.

Anyone have a suggestion?

PS: the great problem is that installing MDM with EMM token install the MDM app but permit only the camera/barcode enrollment. If here I could only choose the manual enrollment it would be enough...

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