Analytics does not sync with SDP

Analytics does not sync with SDP

i have a problem several days.

When synchronizing data from SD to Analytics, an error occurs:

  1. serverout_2021-06-07_1.txt:ERROROCCURED,'---',54,'IMPORT',400,1623081411000,-1,'COLUMN_NAME_DUPLICATES','---',108,'901','','','The following column names are duplicated in this table Request  [On Behalf Of User - Email]','','-','','---_sas',' --  IsUploadTool:true:: IsDataPrep:false::FROM API IMPORT::Extra Params ::UserTzone :null::ImpIdStr :start:: canOverRide :false:: canCommit :false:: isBatchImport :true:: importType:TRUNCATEADD:: Time Taken for parseAndWriteCSV : 1094$$$$$$$ Time Taken for geocoding :0$$$$$$$ Total Record count : 5001:: tempTableName: temp_5_1623081409764_7855_VW_DB_','-Error Code not 500-','ZohoAnalytics JavaLibrary date time'
In the UI the column do have the same names

I cant rename or delete column becase Request default table.
I was restoring a database backup, but there are duplicates there too.
The rest of the tables are successfully synchronized.

Maybe someone met with this?

Version: 4.7.0
SDP version 11.2, build 11205

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