AlarmsOne Use Cases - 03 : On-call Schedules

AlarmsOne Use Cases - 03 : On-call Schedules


Kevin runs his business only on weekdays. He wants his IT team consisting of Jake and Shane to be on-call during 5 days of the week from 9am to 9pm. Kevin wants Jake to be on-call from 9am to 3pm and Shane from 3pm to 9pm to take care of the IT alerts. They don't work on Weekends. Kevin wants to schedule their work for the first quarter, starting 1 Jan, 2018.


Kevin needs to log in to AlarmsOne and add Jake and Shane in his AlarmsOne account. Then, he needs to create a Schedule by clicking Settings>> Schedules>> +Add. Now, he can name the schedule and define the shift timings of Jake and Shane. Then, he should exclude 'Saturday' and 'Sunday', and select 'No rotation' under Shift rotation. Finally he needs to set the schedule start time, and he's good to go.


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